An Open House is the best way to launch your property!

When a property first comes on to the market, demand is at its highest! Harry Harper Estate Agents complimentary Open House service makes the most of this demand and ensures your property is launched with the maximum impact.

Our aim is to sell your property at the highest possible price. We achieve this by marketing your property at its very best. The key to getting you the highest possible price is to generate a high number of qualified, ready to proceed viewers and make sure that each and every potential buyer know that they are competing against each other to purchase your property!

It is a proven fact that higher demand leads to higher prices…Harry Harper Open Day House service are a fantastic way to make sure your property makes the impact it requires to achieve the highest possible price!

What is an Open House?

An Open House is a fantastic property marketing tool that cuts down the hassle of selling, by attracting multiple buyers to view your property at one specific time.

What are the benefits of an Open House?

By having multiple viewings over a few hours, it alleviates the stress of continuously having to have your home ‘dressed’ for viewings. Also, having multiple buyers in your home at one time can mean serious buyers are more inclined to make an offer at the Open House, to avoid missing out on your property.

Take a look at our 5 reasons why you should allow Harry Harper to sell your property with a ‘Harry Harper Open Day’:

  1. Totally stress free… 95% of ‘Harry Harper Open Days’ in 2017 achieved a sale within 48 hours!
  2. Back to back appointments… Every single viewer knows that they have to make a decision and give their ‘best and final offer’ if they want to secure their dream home!
  3. Viewings… One day of block viewings so you can focus your attention on the perfect presentation to “WOW” all of the potential buyers!
  4. Peace of Mind… All viewings taking place on your ‘Harry Harper Open Day’ will be accompanied so you can rest assured your property is in safe hands!
  5. Maximum Exposure… Your property has been fully marketed prior to the open day to ensure that all buyers know about it and have the opportunity to offer!
Do Open Houses work on every property?

We have found that Open Houses can be successful on every type of property including homes, apartments, listed buildings, barn conversions and new builds. It also works in all areas from the city centre to the small village, so regardless of your property’s location, Harry Harper Open House could be the key to selling your home.

Do I need to do anything before an Open House?

With years of experience in Open Houses, our expert agents will manage your Open House so you don’t have to worry about anything. We will invite interested buyers to the Open House prior to the event, so we know how busy the event will be.

All we ask from you, is that your home is presented at its best for the allocated Open House time.

How do I arrange an Open House?

Firstly, you need to book a free, no obligation valuation of your property. You can do that now by CLICKING HERE.

We will then come and meet you at your home to discuss the benefits of your property and the location, as well as your timescales and the demand in your local area. We can then agree the best price and a date for your Open House.

We generally require at least two week’s marketing prior to any Open House, so we can truly make the most our of the event.

On average, Harry Harper get our customers £4000.00 above asking price at our Open House events.

Create your own success story with Harry Harper by booking a free, no obligation property valuation today.


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